Strategies For Looking After Your Skin

Looking after your skin is an important part of a daily health regime. But just as important as knowing what needs to be done, is knowing what you shouldn’t do. Many girls place too much emphasis on making up their faces, and as a result end up drying out the skin and weakening its natural ability to stay supple and clear.

It’s not only makeup that you need to wary of, either. Skin cleansing lotions can be very harsh, stripping off the outer layer of the skin and leaving the exposed surface vulnerable to irritants in the atmosphere. For this reason, although it is essential to keep the skin clean – especially when combating an acne problem – it is also important not to overdo it. Deep cleansing should not be carried out more than once or at most twice a week, and certainly not on a daily basis.

If, despite daily washing with medicated soap and warm water, and weekly cleansing with an exfoliating agent, you still have spots appearing, try addressing your diet or other health issues rather than trying to pummel your skin into submission. Over cleaning it will simply strip the skin of its natural ability to protect itself.

For those spots that do get through, use a PimplePopper to remove them. Here, you need to pay careful attention to hygiene, as there is no benefit at all in popping pimples unless you do it in a way that stops infection entering the damaged skin.

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