Ewen Chia’s Bio and Product Portfolio

Ewen Chia Bio

Since starting as a pioneer in internet marketing in 1997, Ewen Chia has certainly come a long way. He is an Internet marketer considered as one of the industry’s top affiliate marketers. He specializes in training marketers how to be successful affiliate marketers by means of effective email marketing strategies and automated systems to bring in earnings. He also sells several different products and runs the widely popular Super Affiliates membership site.

Ewen Chia Reputation

Products by Ewen Chia are mainly geared towards intermediates and beginners. The good thing about the products is that they offer step by step instruction, illustrate good examples, and are well organized. His products have mostly received positive feedback from most in the Internet marketing community. However, marketers who have been in the business a couple of years have commented that the training he provides was too basic for them. If you are a beginner who wants to be involved with affiliate marketing, then his training material is highly recommended.

Ewen Chia Detailed Overview

Today, Ewen is one of the world’s most renowned and respected internet marketing experts. He is often regarded as the “World’s #1 Super Affiliate” with his name being synonymous with Affiliate Marketing and always being among the top 5 affiliates with regards to a popular product launch. However, that is not all he does. Besides running his multiple internet businesses, Chia is also a sought-after award winning international speaker, trainer and educator. He is often called upon for his resourceful marketing advice, particularly in the areas of affiliate marketing, product creation, lead generation and branding. Ewen enjoys traversing the world teaching the internet business to anybody willing to learn. He began conducting offline training in 2006 and currently has thousands of successful learners in more than 13 countries!

The Autopilot Profits eBook is the most popular product that Ewen Chia sells, which outlines a strategy to setup system which will automatically bring one revenue for months to come. The Super Affiliates Membership site that he runs is also a great resource for those willing to get into affiliate marketing. Other products that Ewen markets include the My Free Website Builder software, Write Your Own Paychecks, Secret Affiliate Weapon, No Sales System, Newbie Cash Machine, and more. He has also co-authored several other courses and eBooks together with other Internet marketers. The products are mostly priced cheap, and are designed to get clients into his sales funnel.


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