Wiring Three Way Switches

The difference between a typical switch and a three way switch is one additional terminal, or connection. A 3 way switch has 2 terminals that are either silver or brass colored and one terminal that is dark colored.

The silver or brass terminals are called travelers or messengers and the dark colored terminal is named the common. If all three terminals appear similar in color, the normal terminal will be discovered by the term “common” stamped on the trunk of the switch.

The arrangement of the terminals on the switch may differ depending after the maker, so check carefully to ensure proper identification of the normal terminal. Within a 3 way switch circuit you will see two 3 way switches and a light or group of lights that are manipulated by the switches.

As each switch can change the lights on or off, there has to be a means where one switch can communicate this back again to the other switch. This is actually the function of both travelers or messengers and you’ll notice in the wiring diagrams that whatever the configuration, the two 2 travelers or messenger terminals on each switch are always interconnected. You people can also look for you can also look for online UPS and STS transfer switch at Thesunpower by clicking right over here.

As the travelers or messenger terminals are interconnected always, the normal terminal is the only person left. To comprehend this terminal, consider for an instant a typical switch that has only 2 terminals.

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