Florence – Art, Tours and Great Food

Fine art, tradition, nature and great food; these are the things that attract visitors to Florence. Since for the art – Florence is surely one of the main cities and the historic center; we have here a huge quantity of works of massive historical and artistic value. There are so many works of art in Florence that UNESCO reports the entire old part of this famous Italian city "heritage of humanity. Click here now to get more information about Florence.

Therefore, museums in Florence are being among the most visited in Italy. Among which the Uffizi gallery counts the most visits in Italia.

On the other palm, Florence is at itself an open-air museum. Walking around the old part of town: cathedrals, palaces, statues and bridges are real masterpieces of human geniuses of the past.

Even more to mention, Florence has inherited many traditions from their glorious past, which are still present and famous by both its residents and by anyone browsing city.

Traditions that obtain from religious holidays, for example Easter wagon burst open. Each year, large, regal, antique wagon pulled by oxen to the tall of Florence. Once it reaches the Duomo, a dove released from traditional wagon and fires and fireworks are lit in honor of one of the members of the ancient Florentine family. Because family "de'Pazzi" was known for courage through the siege of Jerusalem throughout the first Christian crusade in the holy land.

Near the spiritual traditions in Florence, popular ones continue, like the historic football. Every year in June there is a tournament with the participation of four teams of different areas of the city.

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