Effective Use Of Pepper Spray

The concern for personal security has led to the invention of the stun guns and pepper spray that have come into the market and is purchased by many today. Possessing a stun gun or a pepper spray has become quite common as it is good self- defense against any attacker.

The stun gun provides only a low ampere charge but at a high voltage so is disabling at that time but does not do any permanent harm. A stun gun does not disable the attacker permanently and has only a temporary effect that gives the victim enough time to escape from the place. The stun gun is therefore, a good option for personal security.

With the economies growing at a fast pace, the number of people working and high paying demanding jobs has become a common thing. Late nights and traveling alone at odd hours has become quite a regular feature with the offices working very late hours. You can  also buy pepper spray or other self-defense products like tactical flashlight  online through the web.

The effect of the pepper spray is also temporary but it is really disabling causing a lot of discomfort to the attacker. It gives the victim enough time to escape from the place.

Use the pepper spray on the attacker and take him by surprise. You must act soon before he gets any time to react.

One must be sure of how to use the pepper spray and read the instructions carefully because in case of a situation wherein you have to use it you should not be groping around in the dark.

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