How to Participate Effectively in Meetings

Knowing how to participate effectively in a meeting is equally significant as conducting one. The participant needs to take as much responsibility as the one organizing it for any meeting to be successful.

Attend a meeting only for the right reasons

Go through the meeting agenda once you accept it. Understand the purpose of the meeting and think about how it concerns you. Is this something that you can contribute to? Do you have any unique insights into the theme? If you think there is not anything that you can relate to in the meeting, decline the invitation citing your reason.Themeeting minutes template generally consists of a large space where the names of the members present may be noted down in serial order. 

Be on time

Once you decide to attend the meeting, make sure of the date and time. Confirm it again if you're in suspicion and be on time for the meeting no matter how tiring you are. It's rude and unprofessional to keep others waiting or asking "So what have I missed?"

Come in prepared

Read about the agenda of the meeting and do your own investigate. Make your notes about any point that you would want to discuss in the conference. When in the meeting, bring up any related points you have jotted down earlier.

Stay patient and take notes

When in the meeting, try not to disrupt others and listen to their opinions, no matter how extraordinary they might seem to you. Take down notes if you need to and ask them when they are done saying what they had to say.

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