Reliable Hosted PBX VoIP Services

Your small business office can choose its business communication requirements without major capital investment using certain hosted PBX VoIP services. Hosted PBX VoIP phone services can be utilised without making any hardware investment. The equipment is maintained at the service provider's site and PBX functions are allowed using broadband Internet or telephone networks at affordable monthly rents. You can also contact VOIP Hosted PBX Phone Service Charlotte, Raleigh, Durham for getting the best-hosted PBX services.

Easy to Add Extensions

With the web interface of hosted PBX VoIP phone systems, calls to local and international locations can be made at diminished charges. When you expand your business, numerous extensions can be easily added on and maintained from the existing connection. Using virtual phone numbers, business branches can be opened at any place without additional physical infrastructure. Moreover, your operating location can be adjusted without adjusting the existing business phone numbers. These features significantly reduce your telecommunication and business expenses.

No More Missed Calls and 'Connection Busy' Signals

To help small businesses enhance their business image, the hosted VoIP phone system is integrated with high-tech call handling features. Incoming calls are managed by the automated attendant functioning as the virtual receptionist that answers call with appropriate reception messages. Callers are then offered a set of options including dial-by-extension, dial-by-name, group dialling and more. Based on the choice selected by the caller, calls are transferred to the extensions.

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