Testing Different Relationships With DNA Testing

DNA profiling technology has come a long way in the last few decades, and it is now possible to identify a number of difference biological relationships between any given person.

Through using slightly more in-depth matching processes than with traditional DNA paternity tests, the wider testing methods available are nevertheless accurate enough to determine whether or not.

There is some biological connection to establish relationships and afford peace of mind, allowing families to greater understand their actual setup and resolve legal and medical disputes.

Paternity Testing

Probably the most common relationship examined with DNA testing is paternity testing.

The methods used in this type of testing have improved to mean a greater degree of accuracy in judging where relationships do or do not exist. You can also search for DNA Testing In Buffalo NY and Paternity Test In Buffalo NY online and get services in New York.

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Grandparentage DNA Testing

In the absence of the alleged father of a child, it is possible to determine a biological relationship with grandparents where either one or both is available.

This can be particularly useful to determine biological links where the father has predeceased or alternatively where he is otherwise unavailable through testing.

Siblingship DNA Testing

An alternative testable relationship is that of siblingship – identifying whether two particular people share the same parents.

Where neither parent is available for testing them, for example having predeceased or having emigrated abroad. You can contact us online and collect some additional information about the DNA testing.

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Y-STR Male Lineage Testing

One of the most innovative DNA testing methods refined in recent years is the Y-STR male lineage test which allows identification of male biological relationships through testing the Y-chromosome.

Which is passed down paternal lines and rarely changes throughout generations, allowing for more straightforward DNA comparisons.

Avuncular DNA Testing

It is also possible to examine where Avuncular relationships may exist by testing the brother or sister of an unavailable parent, to determine whether a particular two people share a relationship of aunt or uncle with one another. 

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