Introduction To Industrial Ball Screw

A ball screw makes a very efficient nut and bolt arrangement, offering a very smooth movement. Ball screw have extraordinary design, which includes a number of ball bearings inside a sleeve.

The making of this merchandise is a precision job, and that’s why these screws are extremely costly. This is a complex arrangement and not too popular amongst most industries, because of restrictions and the chance of breakdowns. As the ball screw is maintained over the shaft having threads, the bearings swiftly move down its own threads.



The design comprises of a lengthy rod with threads, called the shaft, which is designed to contain tightly positioned threads together.

The most critical section of the two-part arrangement is the screw. It’s the screw that works like a nut and travels on the shaft with threads, yet it’s unlike conventional nuts, as this behaves just like a self-contained unit, having ball bearings numbering in hundreds which are aligned inside it. Except this ,  Click at if you are interested to know more about Coupling.

The main aspect of this arrangement is how the ball screw can move over the shaft in either direction. While in operation, the arrangement offers ninety percent efficacy, whereas traditional systems have an efficiency of fifty percent. The force needed for their operation is considerably less.

This attribute makes them especially desirable for a range of mechanisms using ball screw for housing moving components. Industries that require high accuracy and reliability often use ball screw nut and shaft systems.

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