Thing to know about Teaching English in Italy

Five Strategies to Cut Costs and Save Materials from the ESL Classroom

Here are a Few ways to cut costs and save Stuff in the Italian ESL classroom:

1) Layout materials which can be printed on either side of the photocopy. Italian public schools aren’t generous with their newspaper stock. If you absolutely need to use photocopied materials, make use of both sides of the newspaper.

For English language educators in Italy, it certainly is a good strategy to be cost-efficient using substances. Whether you work for yourself or for a faculty, conserving paper and additional classroom resources cause teaching ESL less wasteful and cheaper.

2) Have students create their own materials. Students really like to produce substances. A fantastic idea will be to have them produce a worksheet and then swap with a partner. They want to challenge one another and it is good training for accuracy with spelling and grammar.

3) Use the whiteboard/blackboard. Italy still works together with traditional blackboards in most circumstances, though some schools have whiteboards. Draw out a scene on the board and have students write sentences within their notebooks to explain it, or even have them discuss it as speaking training. For more additional information about teaching English jobs, Here is website can be found at

4) Utilize dictation. Pupils in Italy have a particularly tough time with English spelling, along with short dictations are a good means to get them training accuracy of keywords. This exercise is also very favorable when teaching the possessive “s”, plurals, personal pronouns and possessive adjectives. As a follow-up activity to review grammar, students can circle every case of this verb “to be”, underline each plural noun, etc..

5) Take advantage of online quizzes and blogs. There are many free platforms out there for educators to make their own page or site. If the faculty has internet access (schools in Italy are grabbing upon technology), it’s even feasible to conduct a whole cutter online.

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