Things You Need To Know When Sailing In Croatia

Sun, fun, turquoise water, good food and short day trips to go into the next bay. This sums up everything, you may experience in Croatia during a sailing trip. Croatia is a totally fantastic cruising  if you would like your family or friends to have a really relaxing sailing experience.

Over the last few years I had the opportunity to sail the entire stretch from up north (Pula) all the way down to the south where you’ll find the city of Dubrovnik. Croatia offers it all. What you really have to know is how you tie off your boat in Croatia. You can hire best yacht in Croatia through

You probably heard about Med Mooring or Anchoring off Stern to with a Landline. Well, you will discover all that in Croatia and even more weird methods of berthing your boat. But don’t be afraid. It is not all that complicated to perform.

In Marinas: In Croatian Marinas you’re berthing stern-to. You bring out two sternlines and the “Marinero” will hand you one or two Moorings (or slimelines as some like to call them). Slimelines run all of the way from the pier into an underwater concrete block around about 20 meters from the dock. The slime lines have small feeder lines attached to lift the actual line out of the water. Are you searching for amazing roundabout sailing trip from Split, Croatia? Then visit –

The skipper puts some slack on the stern lines to maneuver the boat more towards the concrete block. Tie of the line and be sure there is simply no slack in it. Now the skipper can reverse the boat towards the dock to take the slack out of the stern lines and you are ready to go off to enjoy a nice dinner in town.

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