Prune Your Trees With Tree Experts

All tree experts concur that diseased, destroyed and dead branches should be removed at the earliest opportunity. Howeve, they also note that the right time to prune is right before spring before the tree starts to open its sprouts.

Trees trimmed right before spring acquire a callous around the cut faster than trees that are pruned at other times and thus, can heal faster. While pruning can be executed at any time, it is advisable to stay away from really hot, dried out periods and powerful winter temperatures, which explains why right before planting season is best.


And even though older trees may necessitate frequent pruning to eliminate dead wood, youthful trees must be pruned regularly to encourage strong branch development for later development. If you are looking for professionals who can take care of your trees then you can hire best tree service in Long Island.

How exactly to prune?

Pruning slices should be produced near to the bottom of the branch without departing a stub. It’s important to notice that the new branch development on the stubs will be especially weakened.

Haphazardly trimming off the top branches, known as topping, is never recommended. There are many steps to taking away large branches, with the ultimate trim being made where in fact the branch stretches from the trunk at the bulge, known as the branch back of the shirt.

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