Usage of Check Valves in Pipelines

Check valves are used in wide range of piping used to transport fluids or keep the gases or fluids in the piping different. These valves enable the release of content only in 1 direction. Occasionally it doesn’t have an outside manager to make them work; they operate automatically on the basis of internal pressure.

Since they are used in different types of industries they’re manufactured in carbon steel, alloy steel or stainless steel. Depend on size its necessary pieces in the piping. Know more about valves on

check valve

Broadly Speaking There are following types of Check Valves:

Stop C V: This kind of check valve is a designed to cut off the source of the liquid, water, oil or gas despite the direction of flow. Stop check valve can halt the flow of contents no matter the external pressure.

Ball C V: It’s a round a metallic ball to cut-off the flow. It’s used in pipe systems that carry a gel or liquid contents. In some designs, the ball consists of ruby.

Lift- C V: The disc inside this valve is lifted to facilitate the flow of fluid.

Diaphragm C V: This valve has a flexible diaphragm that opens or closes depending on the flow and pressure in the pipeline.

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