Tourist Attractions in Netanya

The adventure tours in Netanya hotels will allow you to visit the most popular tourist attractions. Its 14 km stretch of beaches are the most popular areas where visitors like to spend time and unwind themselves. Netanya also boasts of being home to Israel’s premier Golf Course. Plan your next tour with us and enjoy the Best Of The Israel Classic.

Aside from playing golf, there are many other amusement centers and options for tourists. If you can plan a longer trip to this magnificent city, you’ll be able to explore all the interesting sites and attractions.

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Your hotel in Netanya can arrange a tour for you in the favorite Beit Aharon Reservation so that you can see the distinctive soft-shell turtles of Israel and examine the burial caves belonging to the Byzantine age, pay a visit to a replica of the early settlements of Israel, spend some time in a water theme park, go to a family recreation park that is full of amusing activities that involve trucks and bikes, pool rides and trains, and stroll through the trekking rails of HaSharon Park.

Some other options for amusement and entertainment during your tours in Netanya hotels include going to the coffee shops and excellent restaurants the city is abundant with. You can also have a look at the different galleries and museums which allow free entry to certain groups.

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