5 Tips To Keep Garden Healthy

Drained Soil

Quality of soil is a primary factor. First thing is to choose the right kind of soil for the lawn. Make sure the soil is well drained. A well-drained soil permits timely field operations. It retains the minerals. Avoid operation on wet soil. Wet soil packs water leaving no space for air to come in and roots to grow. Make sure there is no drainage problem with the soil. Optimal root growth happens in soil without drainage problem.

Soil Testing

Getting the quality of soil tested is a must. All the effort to keep up a maintained landscape goes vain if a soil is of poor quality. It will not be able to retain the plants and flowers for long. Check if it is not depleted by insects. In such a case use the best home insecticide, but only if appropriate. Adding organic compost helps a lot. Manage green waste responsibly.



Use of Fungicides

Fungicides are normally used to keep plants healthy and nutritious. It is a type of pesticide used to kill fungi accumulated over plants and flowers. Fungicides must be used in controlled conditions. Make sure to use the only good quality fungicide for the job. regalia fungicidea may be recommended for this.

Proper irrigation

Water to plants and flowers is like oxygen to humans. A whole dry season leaves them pale or dead. Watering them at proper intervals is necessary. There are many innovative irrigation solutions recently developed. These can be used for dealing with this irrigation problem. Self-watering the plants is a good way of recreation. Or use sprinklers in the garden that makes watering wide surfaces of garden easy.

Choose the right plant

The choice of plants and flowers in the garden needs to be made with care. Plan the combination of flowers to be grown. Take due care of nutritional value of soil and maintenance required to make sure which plants and flowers would be able to survive.


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