The Talcum Powder Lawsuits Heading for Huge Trials Next Year

Missouri will be the place for an enormous showdown in the courts between Johnson & Johnson and the hundreds of females who have filed claims alleging there is a straight relationship between the use of talcum powder-based yields and their ovarian cancer.

Talcum powder-based yields sold and manufactured by Johnson and Johnson.  You can also visit to read latest talcum powder lawsuit news.

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The Missouri Supreme Court recently declared a $110 million verdict awarded to a girl from Virginia later J&J contended that verdict ought to be overturned because the trial was from out of the country.  Missouri is one of just two countries where J&J includes a Baby Powder fabricating plant along with the court ruled St. Louis was a suitable place.

“That’s fantastic news for my customers and we can keep on waiting and be litigating cases in St. Louis for all these women who are dying on a daily basis,” states R. Allen Smith in the R. Allen Smith law firm established in Ridgeland, Missouri.

“The quote at St. Louis has established trials for 2018 and 2019,” states Smith.  “He’s told all parties which those trial classes won’t be broken out and attempted individually.  The whole trials will probably be tried together.

“We are talking about attempting 26, 51, 76 plaintiffs within one trial setting.  Those scheduling orders are entered and we’re working towards trial dates in June and September of next year.  There’ll be in 2018,” adds Smith.

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