Selecting The Best Humidor

The very first step to purchasing a humidor is determining where you will maintain it and how large it ought to be.  Would you like one for your home, office, country club, or for traveling?  In case you’ve got a little collection that you maintain the club, then a 12-to-20-cigar humidor ought to be adequate.  Twelve is likely best for travel.  Leather travel humidor is always considered as one of the best humidors to keep your cigar moisture free and also easy to carry while traveling.

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A house or workplace humidor can hold 100 or more cigars.  If you would like to show it on your desk, then a 100-cigar humidor that enriches your décor is greatest.  In case you’ve got 300 cigars, then a cabinet humidor may be a much better spot to store them.

Start looking for quality workmanship and materials:

With these choices made, begin shopping.  The top humidors are made from wood dried into a 6 percent moisture content.  The timber ought to be solid hardwood, not plywood.  The surface ought to be smooth, no lumps or cracks.

Travel humidors can be made from metal to protect the cigars and also the situation from harm.  If you can, take your travel humidor on the airplane, but it ought to be secure on your luggage too.

An Excellent Humidor Maintains Ideal Requirements: The humidor ought to be big enough to maintain your cigars professionally and professionally.

If you like more than 1 sort of cigar, then start looking for a humidor with dividers to help keep the flavors from bleeding together.  Assess the closed lid to ensure that the box seals securely when complete.

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