Should Canadian Pardon Applicants Hire A Lawyer?

When an individual who has a criminal record wants to acquire a pardon in Canada, they’ll sometimes approach an attorney searching for his services in the issue. Is this useful or necessary? To be able to answer this issue, let’s look more carefully at what acquiring a pardon at Canada involves.

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Let’s begin with defining what we mean with a Canadian pardon. A pardonĀ or U.S. entry waiver in Canada is an opportunity to have one’s criminal record set beside the primary database of the Canadian Police Information Centre (which documents criminal action from Canada), so it won’t show up on a criminal background check, except where a person that has committed certain sexual or violent offences needs to operate with “vulnerable business” individuals (kids, seniors etc.), in which case their certainty is going to be revealed.

The secret to whether the help of an attorney would be beneficial for getting a pardon in Canada is the character of the program procedure. Pardons are awarded from the Parole Board of Canada, an office of the national government that’s bound by strict rules of law when deciding whether to give a pardon. If the applicant meets the following criteria:

  • They’ve served their sentence and the period of ineligibility because of their offense has passed
  • They’ve filed a complete, properly prepared application bundle using a set of mandatory documents to the Parole Board
  • They’ve lived a sincere, crime-free lifetime because the conclusion of the sentence

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