Understand Toner Cartridge Services

A toner cartridge is used in laser printers and contains a fine powder which can be magnetically charged.

This fine toner powder is a mixture of carbon, plastic particles and black or other coloring agents which helps in making the actual image on the paper.


It’s very important to obtain a cartridge that works with your own laser printer. You might even get a remanufactured toner cartridge in a lower cost than the one. There are mainly 4 Kinds of toner cartridges accessible:

It pertains to purchasing the cartridge created by the first business of the printer you’re using. The most important benefit of using this kind of cartridge is the fact that it’s not difficult to locate and replace.

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Additionally it is backed with a warranty and guarantee. It is possible to locate OEM capsules of all significant brands on the internet.

You can contact toner cartridges Canada via https://www.ascaofficesolutions.com/toner-cartridges-canada to get best toner service.


Also called generic capsules, they are produced by a business which differs from the producer of the printer.

They’re similar to OEM cartridges designed to match a particular version of laser printer. They are less costly than the OEM cartridges and lots of reputed vendors even offer warranties and guarantees.

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