Basic Difference Between DC and AC Blower Fans

AC and DC fans are essentially employed for cooling function in a variety of areas and the main difference between these two variants is the current form they require for operation. DC require direct current electrical flow while AC requires alternating current electrical flow for operation.

Using different currents might appear to be an insignificant difference between the two variations but it has a massive effect on the overall operation and the cooling effect. This is the principal cause of the fact that these two fans have particular application areas.

Ac And Dc Blowers

AC blower and fans have motors that operate at higher voltage than DC cooling fan. So, the AC fans can create high-pressure air currents and are mostly set up in systems which don’t malfunction as a result of electromagnetic interference created by the fan.

The most common version of AC fans can operate at a voltage over 115V. To the contrary, DC fan operates in a much low voltage compared to AC and also have versions that generally don’t operate at a voltage above 24V or 48V even in larger sizes.

Application Areas

Nearly every kind of computer equipment relies on DC cooling fans such as the big servers of commercial areas and home PCs. The principal benefit of DC cooling fans is less electromagnetic interference, which may disturb the performance of server and computer equipment. They can effectively keep the computer systems trendy without bothering their performance with electromagnetic interference.

To the contrary, AC blower fans can create quite a great deal of electromagnetic interference thereby disturbing the operation of sensitive equipment and machines. These fans are mostly installed in industrial computers and are utilized in applications that need high-pressure air currents.


Before purchasing DC or AC cooling fans for temperature management system or computers, you need to research the cooling requirements of your system or machine. The gap between the air currents created by AC and DC cooling fans and voltage gap have a substantial influence on the operation of several machines.

Thus, you must evaluate your operational and cooling requirements before purchasing any variant. It is easy to find information regarding the sort of cooling fan which will be apt to your system or machine online. However, it’s advised to consult a specialist before purchasing any variant so as to make certain that the one you’re buying is in accord with the particular application requirements.

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