All About Air Pump Oil

Hot oils used in the indirect heating system are made to circulate between warm oil boilers, reactor vessels, tanks, extruders, and heat exchangers.

The fluids used in the hot oil system are exposed to extremely high temperatures anywhere between 300°F to 750°F based on the requirement of the application.

The thermal fluids used in the heating system have a tendency to degrade due to exposure to air, low speed, improper heater choice and all of the heating system are controlled over the manufacturer-recommended maximum temperatures.

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Many times by-products like sludge, carbon particles are formed that keep circulating in the system. Additionally, contaminants such as pipe slag, mill scale, and dirt get collected in the system during installation or maintenance.

Removing these contaminants is very essential since it enriches the lifespan of their heating oil and its effectiveness, reduces costly maintenance and energy intake. Additionally, it aids in protecting system components. It’s been seen that the entire life span of a pump can be extended up to 3 times when these impurities are eliminated.

With an oil filtration system is the best way to overcome all the issues. Appropriate filter components guarantee continuous removal of the little particles of debris in the hot oil.

Some factors to be considered while choosing the right kind of thermal oil filtration system:

  • The material used in creating the oil filtration system has to be acceptable for high-temperature use.
  • “O” ring elastomer seals that are used in several filtration systems might not be safe since they’re unable to withstand high temperature and may drop power or get dissolved in the heat transfer fluid.
  • The contaminated filter cartridge should be replaced.
  • An original cartridge should be slowly rated down to filter 25-micron size particles from first 100-50 micron size.
  • Filtering below 25-micron size particles can remove additives in the thermal fluid impacting the functioning of the fluid and the machine.

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