Statin Drug Deaths: Lawsuit Settlements

Baycol, a statin drug also referred to as cerivastatin, was pulled from the market in 2001 due to triggering more than 100 deaths, mainly from problems of severe muscle breakdown known as rhabdomyolysis. So far, Bayer, the pharmaceutical company accountable for producing Baycol, has paid out there $750 million in payouts with 10, 378 more […]

What Do You Understand By Stainless Steel Passivation?

Stainless passivation usually identifies the procedure that sorts a defensive oxide film on the metallic surface to make it corrosion-resistant. Stainless steel in a natural way forms an unaggressive film through the connection with atmospheric air. However, the film made by connection with air (especially in professional areas) will not always offer full cover and […]